Eustace’s thoughts on Preston’s passing

Thank you to everyone expressing support as I try to survive losing my best friend of 35 years. Preston’s constant loyal support and inspiration was the best thing I ever had in my life. His kindness and humble talent were unsurpassed. Because Preston was such a giving, supportive person he helped many thousands of students and friends, always improving their life.

When Preston unexpectedly died of just-detected liver cancer he was already financially challenged; He had put off working on his own leaking roof, to make time to help so many others – Truly a testament of extending himself out to support his community in so many ways. I have never met a more genuine person and I have never, ever witnessed a man love his wife more generously and completely and committedly than Preston loved Kathleen. Thanks to all who have responded in honor of Preston by sending money to Kathleen as she adjusts to the loss of her husband, with no income.

So many kind people have donated 5, 10 or $20 through this site:– that it has added up to quite a wonderful honoring, representing all of our love and appreciation for Preston and his life of making this world and our lives better. We have already used some of the donated money to fix the leaking roof on their house. He was so dedicated to helping many others that he never got his own house fixed. Thanks to the roofers who put the metal on and the friends and fans who donated to make it possible.
Kathleen is to tears in appreciation. Preston recently helped nurse her back to good health from stage 4 cancer herself.. I could write a book on the astonishing merits of Preston James Roberts. Most of his tv fans don’t even know the tip of the iceberg. Yet, they sense how important his message is.

Preston was one of the most manly men I ever met. I would want him at my back in the most fierce fight, yet I want to leave you with a rare and intimate photograph of Preston half-naked in winter, wearing a pink tutu trying to bring a smile to the face of his beloved wife Kathleen as she was battling her own cancer. His plan worked! She smiled, and made it. Preston’s love for Kathleen and good work knew no boundaries.
If we could encourage and instill in our youth of today to be even a little bit more like Preston, our world would be a much better place. I’m reminded of this quote:

“When you were born, you cried and the people rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die… You rejoice and the people cry.”

I am crying, Preston.

Much love – Eustace



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Sabrina Rojas Weiss 22 hours ago




To the editor:

The first president of the United States I can remember was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The day he died — when we heard the news on the radio — I remember my grandmother sinking into a chair, saying “What will become of us now?” (Yes, there was a time when there was no television; also World War II was raging across most of the world at the time and she had a son and nephews in the armed forces.)

I cast my first vote for president for Harry Truman (Democrat), then Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican), the general credited with much of the success of the invasion freeing Europe from Nazi rule in World War II.

I cast my next presidential vote for a Democrat, John F. Kennedy.

Since that year, in the political life of the United States, I have seen the assassination of a president (Kennedy) and the attempted assassination of a president (Republican Ronald Reagan).

There was the resignation of a sitting vice president for committing a crime before he became vice president (Republican Spiro Agnew); the resignation of a sitting president because his actions while in office were going to bring an impeachment proceeding in Congress (Republican Richard Nixon) and the seating of a vice president, later seated as president, who was never elected to either office by the voters (Republican Gerald Ford — in my opinion, a fine person).

Then there was the election of a man to the presidency, and a few years later, his son was also elected (Republicans George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush). There intervened the impeachment trial in Congress of a president (not removed from office, Democrat William “Bill” Clinton).

There occurred the candidacy of a woman to seek the nomination for president of a major political party in a presidential election (Republican Elizabeth Dole, who pulled out of the race in October 1999. She was wife of Bob Dole who ran, not winning, for both vice president and president as a Republican)

Then there was the historic election of the first African-American (Democrat Barack Obama). Now in 2016, we have the candidacy of Donald Trump (Republican) and Hillary Clinton (Democrat).

To live through what I have seen in the world since I started voting — and to be confronted with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the only choices is the ultimate insult!