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Cary is a fabulous attorney. He is easily accessible, always returning calls promptly. He is fair and reasonable, not to mention very smart. I was so happy with the settlement he attained for me. I would highly recommend him!!

Angela Dawn Taylor
Lynchburg, VA

Cary Moseley is an astounding attorney. He handled my divorce case swiftly and professionally. Mr. Moseley was very helpful and informative on the whole process from the very beginning, he’s honest and trustworthy. He was easy to work with and communicate with. Meeting with him was never a hassle, he’s very flexible. Meetings were always pleasant because he is so friendly and personable. I was always kept up to date on the progress of my case. Hiring Mr. Moseley was a wonderful experience, I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to handle such a delicate period in my life. I am forever grateful for his help and services! I would highly recommend hiring Cary Moseley.

Ms. K.A
Bedford, Virginia
June 26, 2017

I was completely confident in my decision to hire Cary Moseley. I am involved in a contested custody battle and Mr. Moseley and his wonderful team have stepped up to go above and beyond to help me in the court proceedings. I love that they do not overcharge and help you to do a lot of the paperwork and legwork on your own to save time and money. They have helped me gain a better knowledge of my rights and obligations and what I should expect from the judicial system. It helps that the atmosphere is laid back during this stressful time and I am able to receive answers to my questions promptly. Mr. Moseley offers weekend and nighttime appointments to accomodate busy, working single parents. I highly recommend Mr. Moseley to anyone needing guidance, assurance, and help.

June 7, 2017

An outstanding attorney.  Fantastic communication skills, great to deal with as a person and as an attorney.  I purchased 2 very expensive heat pumps from a local dealer. The heat pumps came with 10-year warranties.  Both heat pumps gave me nothing but problems for years.  After years of repairs and malfunctions, I decided enough was enough and I took my case to Cary Moseley, who came highly recommended to me as an expert in consumer law and just a nice guy.  He filed a complaint under the consumer protections laws and consumer product “lemon law” and demanded full re-imbursement for the two heat pumps.  Mr. Moseley promptly filed suit when the manufacturer refused to settle.   He kept me in the loop with numerous weekly communications every step the way.  Mr. Moseley clearly told me what information he needed from me and how he was going to use the information.  He exhibited professionalism and thorough knowledge of the law.  Just before trial, the manufacturer decided to settle the case out of court. His fee was extremely reasonable.  Fantastic end result, Cary Moseley is highly recommended.

M.T. Turner

Amherst, VA



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 5 STARS  5/2/2017
I was a client of Cary Moseley in 2015. My custody case took a few months but he was sure to always update me on what he was working on and how we were going to go about everything in court. He also knew my case like the back of his hand by the time we were in court. He was even able to get a protective order for my son and I, even though nothing had happened in almost six months. Now I have full custody and my sons father gets supervised visits if he ever wanted to do them. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is in need of a reliable lawyer.  He’s also very flexible with meeting and great at keeping in touch.
– Samantha

Cary Moseley is an excellent attorney. It is to anyone’s advantage to have him on your side in a courtroom. He is professional, ethical and hard-working. Mr. Moseley offers not only professional advice, but also simple empathy. It was very helpful to me knowing, he was seeing me not as one more case in his career, but a person who is dealing with a complicated problem. He proved my innocence and I was able to walk out of the courtroom with my head held high with charges dropped and the monster who attacked me convicted of his crimes. I am thankful to have had him represent me. I would highly recommend his services.

Amanda C.
Lynchburg, Virginia

August 27, 2016

I am currently a client of Cary Moseley and I could not ask for a better attorney!  Cary listened to me when no one else would and has provided an unbelievable amount of encouragement and support.  He is professional, ethical and reliable, as an added bonus he has a great personality. He does not see his client as another case, he sees them as a person who is in need of help in finding answers and justice.  He communicates with me to keep me up to date on my case and his fees are exceptionally reasonable.  I highly recommend Cary Moseley to anyone needing an attorney.

Mary Elizabeth

Danville, Virginia

February 8, 2017

Cary Moseley is an excellent lawyer who gets results. He helped my elderly father with a complex civil case that involved a lot of paperwork and conflicting information. He quickly grasped the many issues of the case and kept it moving forward despite complicating factors involving both my father and the other party. His most valuable contribution was during the eventual arbitration, when he provided valuable counsel and skillfully helped negotiate a highly successful outcome for my father. He was always responsive and easy to work with, and his fees were very reasonable. I would definitely recommend Cary.
– Mike L.
My business hired Mr. Moseley for an insurance litigation matter in 2013.   He negotiated a very nice settlement for us.  His fees were very reasonable, he only charged us $100 per hour and saved us thousands of dollars.  I would hire him again in a minute.  He is one of the smartest people I have ever met.
– John T.
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4.6/5.0 by a Sole Practitioner on 03/28/10 

Cary is an astute and imaginative attorney. I’d be happy to have him at my counsel table any day.

  • Legal Knowledge5.0/5.0
  • Analytical Capability5.0/5.0
  • Judgment4.0/5.0
  • Communication4.0/5.0
  • Legal Experience5.0/5.0
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5.0/5.0 by a Sole Practitioner on 03/28/10 in Civil Litigation

When I first spoke with Mr. Moseley, I knew I had FINALLY found an attorney with empathy and compassion. Mr. Moseley was attentive and listened to every detail of my case.  I have been in a decade dispute with my ex over our child.  My ex has been both verbally and physically abusive.  If I did not comply with his demands/requests then I would be punished.  When I contacted Mr. Moseley and explained that my ex is now making outrageous demands of our child, I had to do something.  Mr. Moseley was direct, truthful, compassionate, available, and eager to set things straight, whether it was through conferences or court, he was determined to do the right thing for me and my child.  Mr. Moseley has given me great confidence to stand up for myself and fight for what is right.  I could never repay him for all he has done for me and my family.