A message from Preston:

I have always enjoyed the old adage that heating with wood warms you twice. The other day I found myself kneeling before a rick of wood and realized that wood can warm you in yet another way…

Two winters ago I had a bounty of firewood, thanks to a generous neighbor who had logged a portion of his land. He gave me free access to a large quantity of mixed hardwoods. I harvested enough firewood to last my wife and myself for 3 years. I carefully cut, stacked and stored the wood in every spot big enough to hold it. Running out of space, I carefully created a rick in the woods with runners to keep the bottom layer off the ground allowing for generous airflow; the top covered with a heavy duty tarp. As I began removing wood this fall, I realized that my protective measures had met with mixed results. The firewood closest to the tarp had fared poorly, the victim of condensation dripping back onto the wood and causing decay. Wood that had been stacked too closely together had also decayed because of poor airflow. Some wood, regardless of species remained in pristine condition. The best firewood requires the proper environment in which to mature… children do as well.

As a professional educator I have taught the gamut of students…ones that are full of potential and others that need more nurturing to reach their portent. I have seen children who are so closely protected or those that are who are so tightly surrounded by others that they never have a chance to develop their individualistic talents. I find that the best environment for our youth is one in which they are allowed to breathe, pursue their own interests and mature under a relaxed hand, with the watchful protection and supervision of knowledgeable, understanding, caring adults.

It is our desire, at Turtle Island Preserve, to develop and foster growth in the youth who partake in our well established traditions and teachings…to stretch their vision of their life and the world they participate in. This vision is at the core of our teachings and breathes life into the magical experience that pervades our camp. Seeing this growth as a person warms me more than any fire. I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and I hope to share a fire with you soon!

Still learnin’

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