A.S. (custody case)

When I first spoke with Mr. Moseley, I knew I had FINALLY found an attorney with empathy and compassion. Mr. Moseley was attentive and listened to every detail of my case.  I have been in a decade dispute with my ex over our child.  My ex has been both verbally and physically abusive.  If I did not comply with his demands/requests then I would be punished.  When I contacted Mr. Moseley and explained that my ex is now making outrageous demands of our child, I had to do something.  Mr. Moseley was direct, truthful, compassionate, available, and eager to set things straight, whether it was through conferences or court, he was determined to do the right thing for me and my child.  Mr. Moseley has given me great confidence to stand up for myself and fight for what is right.  I could never repay him for all he has done for me and my family.